Gretta: An Inspiring Comeback

Many sceptics did not hesitate to announce the end of Gretta’s career as a sprinter, following her 2009 knee injury and subsequent surgery. They discounted the passion, the will and the real stuff this champion has. Coming back after the common flu is not always easy, but after a serious injury it is an uphill battle all the way, with loads of doubt, pain, frustration and discouragement. It requires not only an iron determination and mental strength, but also biological talent.

Gretta recovered, went through a rehabilitation process and gave it all she had in training and dieting under the supervision of her coach from her younger days, Doru Crisan. Her life was simply confined to bench presses and squats at Senses Zouk and the Tripoli or Beirut Baladi tracks.

Discipline, hard work, a belief in himself or herself, the strong will to comeback better than ever, no complaints, sacrifice, focus… this is the investment a high level athlete owes to himself or herself. This is what Gretta has been investing in for the past 3 months, and the payback is more than rewarding so far.

Gretta our HEROO!

Gretta our HEROO!

Gretta, u r the best Lebanese

Gretta, u r the best Lebanese female athlete ever.

God has gifted u with a physique of great potential which can be transformed to a world class finalist.
I believe this can be achieved in 2012 Olympics if ur track training/ weight training/ plyometrics / nutrition and supplement plan are combined together meticulously and custom made for ur physique, and most of all injury free seasons.

Great come back after an ACL surgery! Congratulations, 2 new national records only after 8 months of ACL surgery!! Unprecedented!

We pray for u to stay injury free for the rest of ur career :)

The best is yet to come, as JC said ! God bless u!

great job gretta i believe in

great job gretta
i believe in u and i believe dreams can come true with hard work and goos exercise.
big hug from jordan .



Good Job Gretta


at my position in the LAF,

at my position in the LAF, and the photofinish judge, I will wait the GREAT GRETTA on august 5th for her next 100m race .

wondering who would be faster my stop watch or GREAT GRETTA ???????????????????????????????????


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